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So you've got a cool site.
Where are the customers?

Markodesign can work with you to determine the most effective methods of raising awareness about your web site and drawing customers, which may include the following:

  • Search engine submission

    Web surfers use search engines 90% of the time when looking for new sites. Strong search engine placement is critical.

    We can develop an effective list of keywords for your site, and submit your site to multiple search engines, periodically re-submitting your site if desired. Paid placement is also an effective option.

  • Banner advertisements

    When your potential customers are surfing the web, your site can be just a click away. Targeted banner advertising on sites related to yours can be an effective means of building brand awareness and bringing people to your site-usually without significant expense. portfolio >>

  • Direct mail

    We'd all like to live in a paperless world, and a web site is a step in the right direction. The reality is that people still need to find your web site, and direct mail is a powerful method for building awareness. portfolio >>

  • Print advertising

    It's hard to escape magazine ads from the likes of Absolut or Volkswagen. But even the smallest of businesses can benefit from print ads-the key lies in targeting the right audience.

    We can design a campaign that grabs the attention of your customers and help select the appropriate outlets for your message.

  • Discussion group seeding

    You gotta love the Internet. Interested in discussing the best lures for freshwater fishing, strategies for your 1980-vintage Atari games, or favorite episodes of "The Brady Bunch"? Chances are there's a discussion group for you.

    If your business taps a niche, we can help you find the right discussion groups and get their members talking about you.

    Internet users are a cautious but loyal bunch. The right approach can build credibility and interest in your company with a minimal investment.

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